TEJTⅡ-C "NEO" series   1501/1201/901Model Video

NEO is the only table-top compact machine ever made by Tajima. It takes the industry's broadest range of quality and productivity features, combined with the fine craftsmanship found on much larger Tajima equipment and is delivered in a machine 744mm wide, 863mm deep and 825mm tall. Specially made for mobility and smaller working spaces, NEO is the ideal way to enter into the embroidery industry while getting the best quality sewing on a wide spectrum of applications from the start.

  • Shirt


User-Friendly, Quieter Operation

Latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators.


Standard memory: 640,000 stitches.

Automatic Repeat

A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically or horizontally.

Satin Stitch Expansion

Increase satin stitch length in design.

Frame Back / Forward

Frame Back / Forward is available in units of 1/10/100 stitches, color change or designated stitch count.

Trace Function

Check whether a design will fit in a frame before you sew.

Origin Return

The frame can be either manually or automatically returned to the design starting point (while the machine is stopped), even if the end point is different from the starting point.


Production efficiency has been improved by decreasing downtime caused by color changes, thread trimming etc.

Automatic Offset / Manual Offset

Facilitates applique fabric placement and frame changing.

Automatic Upper / Under Tread Trimming Device <ATH>

Automatically operates by commands in the design data Automatically operates to trim threads by commands in a design data.

Power Failure Control Measures

You can control to operate the machine after power failure during embroidery without being annoyed by misproduction due to design displacement.


TEJTⅡ-C series "NEO"
Models Head Needles Embroidery space (Per head / All heads)
9 12 15 Normal Wide
Pocket Frame
1 o o o 350 x
75 x
83 x
360 x
170 x
x 140
100 x 75 65 x 100
  • Stitch length…
    Ternary scale : 0.1-12.1mm
    Binary scale : 0.1-12.7mm
  • Speed…Max. 1,200 rpm
  • Motor…
    AC Servo Motor x 1
    Pulse Motor x 2
  • Electricity…Single-phase : 100-240V 50Hz 60Hz
  • Power consumption…225w


Factory options
  • Sequin Device Ⅳ

Wide range of sequins from small to large sizes or in various shapes like noncircular or eccentric type
are applicable for creation of you designs as needed, depending on your applications.

  • Auto Clamp Frame

Embroidery on wide range of materials from roll fabric to finished goods is available without frame exchange.

  • Position Marker

Points out a needle hole position, hidden on a cloth, by light it up with a LED beam to align embroidery start position. You can check the needed position anytime.

*The red point is a LED beam.
*Not applicable with cap frames.


  • Boring Device

A special knife bores a hoke in a fabric and then a needle and thread sew open the hole. The size of the hole is adjustable and the shape can be created through the process of digitizing to meet your desires. This device is applicable to all normal embroidery heads and easily increases the value of embroidered products.

  • High-Speed Cording Device (KB-2M)

New variations of looping or cording embroidery can be added to a design by switching between 2 kinds of attachments.

  • Emb. Lame Attachment

Lame filament yarn can be stitched steadily without being twisted to create your original embroidery.

  • Cap Frame <PAT>

Embroidery on the circumference of caps is possible up to 270 degrees. 2 types (Adult or Children-use) are available for wide cap frames.

  • Cylindrical Frame <PAT>

A wide range of embroidery is applicable to cylinder-shaped products like socks, gloves, wristbands and golf head covers.

  • Border Frame

Opens the way to flat embroidery.

  • Stand
  • Pocket Frame

An embroidery frame to apply embroidery on small pockets.
Best suited for small size embroidery such as monogramming.

  • X-axis Extension Unit

This unit permits to expand the embroidery space by 700mm in
right and left direction from the standard embroidery space of 360mm (D) x 500mm (W) to 360mm (D) x 1,200mm (W). You can embroider the full embroidery field with larger size designs or repeat many small designs .... the applications depend on you.


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