TFMX series


TFMX / TFMX-II series
TFMX / TFMX-II series

Available for a wide range of applications from small to large lot production.


TFMX / TFMX-II series Spiral tube Take-up lever guard <PAT> Middle thread guide with thread take-up spring <PAT> Thread breakage detecting system Rotary Hook <PAT> Operation panel


User-Friendly, Quieter Operation

The latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators.

The standard memory is 2,000,000 stitches are able to store a Max. of 200 designs.

Condition Memory
Scale Up / Down, Rotate

Stitch conditions can be memorized together with embroidery data.

You can scale your designs down to 50% or up to 200% in increments of 1%, and rotate in 1-degree increments.

Automatic Repeat
Design Editing

A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically and horizontally.

Modify, insert or delete your embroidery design data stitch by stitch.

Satin Stitch Reduction and Expansion
Cleanup function

Increase or decrease actual stitch length according to the stitch length in a design.

A very helpful function to automatically remove small stitches to prevent thread breakage effectively.

Frame Back / Forward

Frame Back / Forward is available in units of stitches, color change or designated stitch count.

Production efficiency has been improved by decreasing downtime caused by color changes, thread trimming etc.

Origin Return
Trace Function

The frame can be either manually or automatically returned to the design starting point (while the machine is stopped), even if the end point is different from the starting point.

Check whether a design will fit in a frame before you sew.

Automatic Offset / Manual Offset
Automatic Upper / Under Tread Trimming Device <ATH>

Facilitates applique fabric placement and frame changing.

Automatically operates by commands in the design data.

Power Failure Control Measures

You can continue to operate the machine after power failure during embroidery without being annoyed by misproduction due to design displacement.


TFMX Series

Models Heads Head Interval Needles Embroidery space (Per head / All heads)
6 9 12 15 D x W Continuous design
TFMX 4 360 o o o o 450 x 360 1,440
TFMX 6 360 o o o o 450 x 360 2,160
TFMX 6 500 o o o o 450 x 500 3,000
TFMX 8 360 o o o o 450 x 360 2,880

[Example of model code]
TFMX (a), 15 (b), 8 (c) Contents of model code : a=model name, b=number of needles, c=number of heads

- Stitch length…
Ternary scale : 0.1-12.1mm
Binary scale : 0.1-12.7mm
- Speed…
Max. 1,000rpm
Jumbo Design Embroidery Machine : Max. 1,200rpm
- Motor…
AC servo Motor x 1
Pulse Motor x 2

- Electricity…
3-phase : 200-240, 350-440V 50Hz 60Hz
Single-phase : 100-120V, 200-240V 50Hz 60Hz
- Power consumption…310-420w

Factory Options

Automatic Lubrication System

Jumbo Rotary Hook

Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic Lubrication System

Lubrication to heads or heads and rotary hooks is performed automatically for improved productivity and maintenance-free operation.

Jumbo Rotary Hook
Jumbo Rotary Hook

The special jumbo size rotary hooks and stitching mechanism of our own design have enabled various thickness of upper threads from thin to thick to be used readily.
Due to expanded bobbin capacity (twice as much as the small hook), bobbin changing tasks have been drastically decreased, increasing productivity.

Sequin Device IV

Sequin Device III Twin Type <PAT>

Sequin Device Ⅳ
Sequin Device Ⅳ

Wide range of sequins from small to large sizes or in various shapes like noncircular or eccentric type are applicable for creation of you designs as needed, depending on your applications.

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Sequin Device Ⅲ Twin Type &lt;PAT&gt;
Sequin Device Ⅲ Twin Type <PAT>

It is now possible to embroider a max. of 4 different sizes, shapes and colors on each head. 2 kinds of sequins on one side can be interchanged and embroidered at high speeds as desired. This next-generation Sequin device permits more design options and improves production efficiency. Installable in a compact design even to the machines with small head intervals.

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Position Marker

Position Marker
Position Marker

Points out a needle hole position, hidden on a cloth, by light it up with a LED beam to align embroidery start position. You can check the needed position anytime.
*The red point is a LED beam.


High-Speed Cording Device

Boring Device II

High-Speed Cording Device (KB-2M)
High-Speed Cording Device (KB-2M)

New variations of looping or cording embroidery can be added to a design by switching between 2 kinds of attachments.

Boring Device
Boring Device

A special knife bores a hole in a fabric and then a needle and thread sew open the hole. The size of the hole is adjustable and the shape can be created through the process of digitizing to meet your desires. This device is applicable to all normal embroidery heads and easily increases the value of embroidered products.

Emb. Lame Attachment

Emb. Lame Attachment
Emb. Lame Attachment

Lame filament yarn can be stitched steadily without being twisted to create your original embroidery.