Bobbin Changer II (UBC II) <PAT>

Bobbin Changer II (UBC II) <PAT>
Bobbin Changer II (UBC II) <PAT>

The push of a single button replaces the bobbins of all the heads at one time,drastically reducing the downtime for replacement of under thread bobbins!

- User-friendly automatization
(1) Replacement of under thread is essential in the embroidery process. UBCⅡ allows you to preset under thread bobbin replacement on all the heads while the machine is in operation. This considerably decreases machine downtime due to replacement of under thread bobbins.
(2) The push of a single button replaces under thread bobbins of all the heads at one time. Furthermore, the location of under bobbin replacement shifts from the rotary hooks inside the machine to the table front, which greatly reduces the workloads of operators.

When you embroider an embroidery design, shown below right as an example,then productivity will be improved by 11%. You don’t need to worry about how to improve productivity any longer.

Motor driven type UBC units
UBC device consists of individual UBC units. They are driven independently which enables you to suspend only the troubled heads at the outbreak of a trouble. You can also select either all or alternate heads for operation on the Controller.

Controller & Head panels to control movement of the device
A controller to control the entire UBC device and Head panels to control each UBC unit are built-in. It is now possible to start all the heads after bobbin replacement by a command on each Head panel and you do not need to move to the Controller.

Selectable Bobbin cassette rotation (in 2 ways)
Select from either 2-pole (with 1 stock) or 4 pole (with 3 stocks) type bobbin cassette rotation.
2-pole type rotates 180 while 4-pole type rotates 90 for bobbin replacement to match with your application.

User-friendly function to Assist replacement of under bobbins
A buzzer will sound to tell you when it is time to replace an empty bobbin.
Empty bobbins come forward using a switch operation for easy replacement.
*This function is available only for 4-pole rotation type.

Under thread holding mechanism to prevent stitch starting error
The tail length of under thread is held at the equal length by a knife to prevent stitch starting error. The tail length of under thread is variable by adjustment of the knife.

LED display function to minimize time loss
At the occurrence of an error LED will blink on the related Head panels.
Moreover, the LED on the Operation panel will display the error code so that you can check the cause of the error immediately.


Applicable models
- TFGN II series