TLMX-100 series

100 Series is specialized for embroidery with lock stitch chenille embroidery heads.


TLMX-100 series Spiral tube Thread breakage detecting system Ball screw drive system Middle thread guide with thread take-up spring <PAT> W-Bobbin attachment Rotary Hook <PAT>


Attachement in Compact Units
M-axis Free Control System to Allow Adjustment Head by Head

Attachements for taping, coiling, zigzag swing stitch embroidery are supplied in units. It is easy to replace the units with a screw. Once adjustment is done, readjustment is not necessary. Working efficiency has been drastically increased.

Bobbins can be moved as necessary by using the Tension base switch. This facilitates embroidery operations like bobbin exchange or machine adjustment in units of heads.

M-axis Start Direction Control to Secure Stitching
Zigzag Swing Stitch Data Generator<PAT> to generate frame movement

To prevent stitch start errors, this function stops the bobbin and guide temporarily in the stitching direction after stitching the materials.

This function automatically generates 6 kinds of zigzag swing stitch patterns based on the running stitch data. They can be selected according to the type of material or embroidery design.(See "Stitch Variations".)

W-Bobbin Attachment to Develop your Desigh Arrangements
Automatic Nipple Lifting Function to Improve Working Efficiency

bobbins are mountable to a lock-stitch chenille head. Thie enables 2 kinds of embroidery stitches of taping and zigzag swing stitch embroidery without replacing bobbins, reducing the time for replacement of materials and developing the potentials of your designs.

Both the Needles and Nipples are lifted up to their retracting positions and bobbins return to the fixed position right after completion of embroidery. This facilitates embroidery works like frame exchange.

Nipple Stroke Adjustment in Response to Materials <PAT>
Special Tape (Cord) Guide

Nipple stroke can be adjusted on the operation panel according to the material being used.Adjustment range is a max. of 8mm from the lower dead point. The height of the lower dead point is also adjustable up to 3mm. Nipple stroke adjustment adds variations to the stitch finishing conditions on the materials.

Tajima's special Tape Guides can be easily changed according to the type of material to be used.


TLMX-100 Series

Models Needles Lock-stitch
chenille heads
Embroidery space
(Per head / All heads)
D x W
TLMX-112 1 12 500 1,200 x 500 6,000

[Example of model code]
TLMX-(a) 1(b) 12(c) Contents of model code : a=model name b=number of needles c=number of pairs

- Stitch length…0.1-12.7mm
- Speed…Max. 1,000 rpm
- Motor…
AC Servo motorx1 (Main shaft),
Pulse motorx2 (Frame),
Pulse motorx4 (Lock-stitch chenille heads)

- Electricity…
3-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz,
380-440V 50/60Hz is also available with an optional transformer.
- Power consumption…1.9kw

Factory options

Automatic Lubrication System

Jumbo Rotary Hook

Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic Lubrication System

Lubrication to heads or heads and rotary hooks is performed automatically for improved productivity and maintenance-free operation.

Jumbo Rotary Hook
Jumbo Rotary Hook

The special jumbo size rotary hooks and stitching mechanism of our own design have enabled various thickness of upper threads from thin to thick to be used readily.
Due to expanded bobbin capacity (twice as much as the small hook), bobbin changing tasks have been drastically decreased, increasing productivity.

Auto Frame Changer (AFC)

Auto Frame Changer (AFC)
Auto Frame Changer (AFC)

Tajima's extremely accurate and powerful AFC frame changing mechanism makes it possible to produce high quality, continuous embroidery.

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Jog Remote-Controller <PAT>

Jog Remote-Controller PAT
Jog Remote-Controller PAT
Jog Remote-Controller PAT
Jog Remote-Controller PAT

The jog remote-controller has consolidated the function of frame travel operations. It is independent of the operation panel and allows to move the frame while the operator is close to the needles.

Special Guides

Special Guides
Special Guides

Replacement of Guides expands your embroidery variations and allows you to create unique expressions with ease.

* Standard type Guide base is used in common.