TMBU-SC series

An advanced, long awaited new machine that improves efficiency.

TMBU-SC series
TMBU-SC series

POINT1 - Expansion of under machine space

Capable of embroidering on large bags

By increasing the space under the machine, we have realized space for large and long items like golf bags.

Hydraulic step pump for raising/lowering Table
As the table can be raised and lowered easily. It is convenient to load heavy bags.

POINT2 - Useful Functions

Complete support functions are built in.

The "Laser Crosshair Marker", "Magnet Frame” "Under - Needle LED”, and "FS
Mode" - functions are all built in .

A Laser Crosshair Maker makes it easy to position the embroidery correctly.
The Magnetic Frame allows you to work with any shape of product.

An under needle LED increases efficiency .
Exclusive FS mode parts prevent fluffing. For details, please see the back page.

POINT3 - Digitally Controlled Presser Foot '' DCP''

Able to embroider on leather without fiip-flop

The Digitally Controlled Presser Foot allows the presser foot height to be adjusted on the operation panel. Fabric fluttering is eliminated, quality is improved, and thread breakage is reduced. It is perfect for 3D embroidery.

POINT4 - Cap Frame 2

Able to embroider on caps at high speed

By using the new "Cap Frame 2 " , work efficiency increases due to an increase in finishing speed . Conventional Type 900rpm to New Type 1000 rpm.

POINT5 - Connection of Network

Embroidery software greatly increases work efficiency.

By connecting the machine with embroidery software, it is easy to transmit design data . "Autograph" is good for personalized embroidery. "TAJ IMA DG by PULSE" is good for the distinctive designs.

Number of Needles 8/14
Embroidery Space(D x W)mm Tubular Frame 360×500
Wide Cap Frame 75×360
Semi - Wide Cap Frame 83×180
Border Frame 360×500
Width(mm) 870
Depth(mm) 955
Height(mm) 1675