TMAR-VC series

Electronic Multi-head Automatic Embroidery Machine

TMAR-VC series
TMAR-VC series

*TMAR-VC series are designed exclusively for cap and tubular application.

Digitally Controlled Presser foot
-- Exquisite embroidery even on thick material


The DCP can reduce fabric fluttering that occurs during embroidery.
It is specially effective when working thick fabric, very thin fabric, leather, and folds of material.

Example: Thick leather sewing and “fluttering”

Without DCP
Without DCP
With DCP
With DCP

*DCP stands for Digitally Controlled Presser foot.

3D cap
3D cap

Major boost of cap embroidery turnout

The newly designed "Cap frame 2" has enhanced the embroidery stability whereby incresing the maximum rotational speed to 1000 rpm. (900 rpm for +4mm).

Reinforced Wide Cap Frame
Reinforced Wide Cap Frame

Direct Command Switch

All of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated from each head.

1.Multi-color LED
2.Frame back, forward
3.Auto Trim & Hold (ATH)
4.Custom Switch 1
5.Custom Switch 2
6.Head ON Switch
7.Head OFF Switch
8.Presser Foot UP
9.Presser Foot DOWN

* Common functions can be assigned on the custom switches #4 and #5.


Snap-Fit type Middle Thread Guide
- Easy threading
- Easy adjustment
- Easy exchange

Touch Screen Operation Panel

Tubular Frame


Model TMAR-V1212C TMAR-V1512C
Needle 12 15
Head 12 12
Head Interval 360 360
Embroidery Space
per Head
:Inside Dimension
Normal mm(inch) 450×360
Wide Cap Frame mm(inch) 75×360(2.9×14.1)
Semi-wide Cap Frame mm(inch) 83×180(3.2×7.0)
Tubular Frame mm(inch) 439×279
Machine Size Overall Width mm(inch) 5,660(222.9) 5,660(222.9)
Back mm(inch) 1,480(58.3) 1,480(58.3)
Overall Height mm(inch) 1,705(67.2) 1,705(67.2)

Factory Option
Position Marker, Automatic Lubrication System
Beam Sensor, LED Light
Optional Frames
Tubular Frame, Cap Frame 2

Max. 1,100 rpm
3-phase, 200〜240V, 350 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 440V
Power Consumption
Maximum 700W

* The practical embroidery space and the rotational speed vary depending on embroidery product, machine model, and operating conditions.
* No registered trademark or design of the products contained in this catalog may be used without prior permission.