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Auto Color Changing
Seed Beads Embroidery Device

Seed Beads Embroidery Device

Variety of Combination with Embroidery Wider range of Choices

Multi color bead combination with embroidery can realize versatile expression.

Adoption of the Beads Tape Reel allows the reels to be readily exchanged Smooth management of materials

The newly developed Beads Tape Reel can be easily exchanged in the middle of stitching according to the design. Three or four different colors of beads can be used in the same design.

Intricate, Versatile Bead Embroidery Pioneering Automated Production

Uniform Quality and Mass Production can be realized by shifting from manual processing to automation.
Maximum Rotating Speed:800 rpm

Simple Operation Good for Machine Mass Production

Control of Bead Feeding and raising the device via the Operation Panel.
Easy Threading and Fabric Replacement.