Product details

The Multi Cording Device is the first of its kind in the industry
to expand the possibility of embroidering 6 various types of cords.

Multi Cording Device2

Utilized finish with the texture of materials. Softness of the materials can be felt.

Digitally Controlled Presser Foot “DCP” holds the material accurately with the appropriate force and timing.

Cording and Looping embroidery

As you can make regular Cording embroidery, and also fluffy looping embroidery, you can also make emblems.

Easily change cords/colors

The bobbins are located in front of the machine.
You can easily check for material consumption and exchange bobbins. Due to the linear arrangement, the distance from the bobbin to the needle base is shorter. Friction on the cord material is greatly reduced and higher stitch quality is achieved.

Standard embroidery is not affected.

From one, up to 6 cords can be used. Standard embroidery is not affected. Just by changing the presser foot, standard embroidery can be performed.