PAX : Features

The ability to perforate and perform embroidery on the same machine.

Perforation, Multi-Color Sewing, and Multi-Color Embroidery can be accomplished on one machine without replacing or re-aligning the material so there is no worry about design displacement.

Incorporating an abundance of embroidery know how

Wide work area
An Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Head adopts a "Bridge Type" instead of an "Arm Type" which makes it difficult to utilize a wider sewing area, and requires a sewing area wider than a common sewing machine. It only meets large item requirements like car seats and/or furniture, etc.

Wider Sewing Area due to Bridge Structure
Wider Sewing Area due to Bridge Structure

High-precision and Stable Finish
Due to the structure supporting the frame in the back(A) and the right(B), frame movement is stable and provides high-precision hole making, sewing and embroidery. It incorporates many of our main functions achieved through our many years of experience for color change, sewing finish and thread trimming.

Rigid and Supportive Structure
Rigid and Supportive Structure

Able to make and edit the sewing data on the operation panel.

Easy to make and edit the design data for sewing on the operation panel.
*Recommending the exclusive application software "DG-S" for making new designs with a simplified function for easy design editing.

Digitally Controlled Presser foot "DCP"

The DCP is an original function of Tajima and is electronically controlled. The presser foot movement can be set precisely according to the thickness of material, etc., and this allows less disarray of sewing and less thread breakage.
*DCP is the abbreviation for Digitally Controlled Presser foot.