AICHI (Feb. 26, 2024) – TISM Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the production of a ” Monolithic CFRP-Aluminum Monocoque,” which was undertaken by four companies (*) including our company, has won the “JEC COMPOSITES INNOVATION AWARDS AUTOMOTIVE & ROAD TRANSPORTATION-PARTS Category Award. The award ceremony was held in Paris, France on February 8, 2024, where the award was presented.
*Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan), Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc (Japan), Toyota Customizing & Development Co., Ltd. (Japan), TISM Co., Ltd. (Japan)


“JEC COMPOSITES INNOVATION AWARDS” are international awards given to outstanding “cutting-edge creative projects that maximize the potential of composite materials” from around the world. JEC Group in France awards the world’s most innovative FRP products and technologies with the aim of advancing the composites industry and technology.
Since its establishment in 1998, cutting-edge innovations have been presented from a variety of industries and research institutions, including automotive, aerospace, defense, construction, infrastructure, medical, and electronics.

We will exhibit this content at “JEC WORLD 2024” in Paris, March 5-7, 2024.
Official website:
Location: Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, ZAC Paris Nord 2, 93420 Villepinte
Exhibitor: Tajima GmbH
Booth: Hall 6 R82

Award Summary

This technology aims to improve carbon neutrality through the effective use of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs).
The technology creates 3D monolithic CFRP-aluminum structures by integrating anisotropic topology optimization, Turing pattern fiber path generation, tailored fiber placement and nano uneven anodization bonding, to optimize fiber function and material utilization.
A semi-monocoque prototype demonstrates the potential for 15% weight reduction compared to the reference design(45kg) in large 3D structures with complex topology using large fiber tow (50K) placed on 5 km of design paths with only 4% fiber waste. This experiment utilized our TFP method and TCWM, a composite fiber sewing machine.

Key benefits:

  • Full-Lifecycle Carbon Neutrality
  • Weight Reduction
  • Minimized Fiber Waste and Assembly Cost
  • Optimized Material Usage
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process

About TFP process

Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) is a technology to create preforms by placing fiber bundles with a computer-controlled embroidery machine. The conventional way, CFRP molding process using laminated carbon cloth has performance issues in shapes such as hollowed-out, doughnut, and
radial shapes due to the strong anisotropy of carbon fiber, which generates high strength and stiffness only in the fiber direction. It is also problematic in terms of material scrap rates.
In contrast, TFP process sews carbon fiber onto a substratebase material to form a preform. The continuous and free arrangement of fibers enables composite structural design that provides the required strength and stiffness in the required direction. In addition, the fiber can be minimally oriented without cutting, thus minimizing the scrap rate of the material. In short, TFP process could maximize the properties of carbon fiber to create even lightweight and high rigidity.

About TISM Co., Ltd.

TISM Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the Tajima Group, a leading company in the embroidery industry. In pursuit of finely detailed and beautiful embroidery, we developed the industry’s first embroidery machine equipped with AI technology. In addition, we established a software company in 2022 to provide software support for diversified market needs.
For more than 20 years, the company has been engaged in research and development for the deployment of embroidery technology and has successfully developed the TCWM composite fiber sewing machine. The technology is used in a wide range of fields, including the automotive and aerospace industries.

TISM Co,. Ltd

  • Establishment: April 24, 1944
  • Representative: Hidetoshi Kojima, President
  • Capital: 90 million yen
  • Business: Manufacture of embroidery machines and multi-function sewing machines
  • Headquarters: 1800 Ushiyama-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
  • TEL: +81-568-33-1161