Product type and applications

  •   Multi-head
  •   Single-head
  •   Compact Embroidery Machine SAI
  •   Lock stitch handle
  •   Chenille stitch handle
  •   Non-Apparel
  •   Software

Multi-head embroidery machine is suitable for mass production in factories. Since it has multiple sewing heads, it is possible to embroider the same pattern in large quantities. It has brought high efficiency and high quality to reality.

Normal embroidery sample by TMCR machine

Single-head model is an embroidery machine designed to be more compact for use in sports goods stores and sewing shops. It is suitable for secondary processing of finished products such as caps, T-shirts and socks.

3D embroidery an cap sample by TMBR machine

TLMX series is an embroidery machine developed to sew various types of string (tape). It is equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies that securely sew abundant materials.

Taping embroidery sample by TLMX machine

It is possible to have Chenille stitch embroidery on TCMX series. Loop stitch and chain stitch are available. Up to 6 colors can be embroidered.

Moss embroidery sample by TCMX machine

Tajima’s embroidery machines have gained the trust of famous brands around the world and have been introduced to many production sites. Compact Embroidery Machine SAI is a compact type that retains the performance required by professionals. It is a global standard “real” embroidery machine with high performance only professional embroidery machine brand with a history of more than 60 years can produce.
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Tote bag sample sewn by Compact Embroidery Machine SAI

The new decoration method provides high added value for non-clothing and other industrial applications.

Image of TLMX heater wire sewing machine, and processed products of car seats and thermal wear

Introduction of DG.NET and Autograph DG. NET automates the creation of name embroidery data, which has been done manually. Autograph is ideal for name entry business.

Embroidery Machines lineup