TAJIMA’s History: Opening a Vista for the Future

April 1944

Established Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Limited Private Company.
Started the sales and repair of industrial sewing machines.

March 1964

Started the manufacture and sales of TAJIMA-brand Multi-head Automatic Embroidery Machines.
Started the manufacture and sales of TM Series Single Needle Type Multi-head Automatic Embroidery Machines.

TM-J106 Multi-head Embroidery Machine (Jacquard type)

April 1970

Developed the jump mechanism.

May 1970

Established Tajima Industries Ltd. to strengthen the sales division.

June 1972

Reorganized Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Limited Private Company into Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. along business expansion.

November 1973

Started the manufacture and sales of TMB Series 6-needle (6-color) Full-automatic color-change Embroidery Machines.

October 1978

Started the manufacture of TMBE Series Bridge Type Automatic Embroidery Machines by introducing electronic 6-needle (6-color) automatic color change technology.

November 1982

Developed a dedicated apparatus for rolled textile embroidery (Automatic Frame Changer).
Started the sales of TMCE Series Multi-head Electronic Chenille Embroidery Machines, the world-first automatic embroidery machines of this type.

February 1983

Started the sales of TMLE Series Multi-head Electronic Lock Stitch Chenille Embroidery Machines.

January 1984

Started the sales of TMEF Series 9-needle Type Electronic Embroidery Machines.

TMLG-112 Multi-head Lock Stitch
Chenille Embroidery Machine

March 1986

Started the sales of Sequin Embroidery Machines, realizing the world’s-first combined use of sequin embroidery and plain embroidery.

February 1988

Started the sales of TMLE-D5 Series Embroidery Machines with a pair arrangement of lock-stitch-handle embroidery heads.

February 1990

Established “Tajima America Corporation” as a base for the TAJIMA Group in the United States.

February 1992

Added a 12-needle type to the lineup.
Developed a Noise Reduction mechanism.

July 1995

Added a multi-color (6-color) type to Chenille Embroidery Machines.
Announced Mix Embroidery Machines with plain and Chenille embroidery.
Completed TLFD Series Laser-cut Embroidery Machines.

TLFDII-904 Multi-head Laser-cut Embroidery Machine

June 1997

Added a 15-needle type to the lineup in response to the requirements of February 1983 the multi-color age.

January 2001

Announced TLMX Series Heater-wire Sewing Machines, innovative combination machines.

TLMX Mixtype

November 2004

Established “Shanghai Tajima Embroidery Machinery Co., Ltd.” as a 100% subsidiary company in Shanghai, China.

November 2008

Established “TM Industrial Machine Co., Ltd.” as a member of the TAJIMA Group.


Sale of composite fiber sewing machine TCWM, which realizes mass production of high-precision preforms

Composite fiber sewing machine TCWM

September 2011

Established “Tajima Europe S.A.R.L.” in the France.

July 2013

Released TMAR-KC Series Multi-Head Embroidery Machines equipped with a digitally-controlled presser foot.

TMAR-KC SeriesMulti-head Automatic
Embroidery Machine


Sale of multitasking machine “PAX” series that enables perforation, sewing, and embroidery with one unit

“PAX” that can perform perforation, sewing, and embroidering with a single machine


Started sales of the compact embroidery machine “SAI”

Compact embroidery sewing machine “SAI”


The world’s first embroidery machine equipped with the “i-TM” mechanism that automatically controls thread tension suitable for embroidery designs