Chairman / Managing Director

Tajima Colombo, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company was incorporated in 1988, providing computerized embroidery technology to the Sri Lankan market. The company has grown from strength to strength, passing many significant milestones along the way.

Being the first to introduce digitizing locally, Tajima has created a niche for them, which to this day is synonymous with their brand. Its ingenuity in creating and enhancing embroidery technology in both digitizing software and in machinery has kept them consistently ahead of the competition. Tajima computerized embroidery machines provide comprehensive solutions to customers whether in research and development, design punching or sampling.

Hand in hand with a range of world class machinery is a comprehensive 24-hour technical support and after sales service, being the first company in Sri Lanka to offer this service, Tajima has gained many prestigious clients based on this service feature.

Management Team

With a staff strength of 135 members, who are a collection of young and experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality services at all times, from marketing the machinery, to setting up, installing, after sales training and service.

Technical Team

Tajima personnel are trained to offer the most comprehensive solutions that best suit the customers varying needs. Its embroidery wing provides embroidery punching and designing services for the local industry and technical training to clients who wish to train their own personnel.

Design Development Team

Their R&D department is also equipped to work in conjunction with clients interested in experimenting with new materials available in the apparel industry. Tajima Colombo provides them with both the machinery and technical advice to counter any new type of fabric or challenge faced by the customers.

With the removal of the quota system, Sri Lankan manufacturers are focusing on ways and means to be profitable and survive this new challenge. Many of the top manufacturers are already geared to meet the challenge by investing in state of the art machinery that enables them to compete at international levels.

Armed with a diverse portfolio of products such as the latest TMLH, TFGN and TCMX series of machines Tajima is geared to help its customers produce value added apparel incorporating imaginative and intricate embroidery designs that can capture the minds of the end users. In its determination to contribute toward the success of its customers operations and profitability, Tajima has equipped itself with the necessary tools and skills by reengineering its operations to adapt to change in the business environment, it has standardized it services by obtaining ISO 9001-2000 certification and has lined up a new range of products and services for the future, these include vendor managed inventory of spare parts, online transactions for design development, procurement of spare parts, software solutions for increased productivity and continuous technical research and development.

Qualified personnel to service, maintain and operate new machines are a requirement that Tajima takes very seriously as it is vital to the productivity and efficiency it maintains with its clients.

Tajima has introduced a punching school for batches consisting 15 students each, providing extensive training in embroidery techniques and digitizing software, thus creating a constant supply of highly trained professionals who can be called upon to service the needs of the customers at a moments notice. With the dawn of a new era the need for paradigm thinking is vital to the survival of the industry. Tajima Sri Lanka is ready to face this challenge along with its valued customers.

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Address: No.28, Galle Road, Dehiwela North, SRILANKA
Phone: 94-11-2719902
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