Unitech India, Having its Head office at Bangalore has a very Wide expertise in the Garment related Machines and we promote the TAJIMA embroidery Machines.

It’s a company with a vision to serve the Customers in an active participation of the Staff and the Management which Forms the Vital part of our Customers satisfaction.

We have Promoted TAJIMA machines to Major Silk customers in Bangalore and also For the Largest Exporters of Garments in India who are based at Bangalore.

Our Field of experience is in suggesting the right kind of machines to the customers by Understanding their needs not only at the Time of Purchasing the machines but also it should serve the Future trends of ever challenging Apparel and Fashion Industry to follow the TAJIMA slogan of “keep challenging” the market with Innovations. We extend professional services and strong after sales support By our team of right people, talented, flexible and empowered to act rightly for the customers, having keenness & willingness to serve them in all respects,

The newest and ever growing trend in the Industry is Home textiles for which also very specialized machines Like Thirty Head Embroidery and Fifty Head embroidery Machines are promoted to our customers in the TFGN series.

Highly sophisticated machines Like Model TLMX series which can make very special embroidery are supplied to our major customers Where they have been successful and the Outcome of such machines are always liked By the overseas markets because of its Uniqueness and Special effects. This Machine Brings in a variety of embroidery like zigzag stitches Coiling, Taping/Cording, Blind Embroidery, Frill Embroidery, Koma-Embroidery, bead work with sequin also.

We have promoted sequin device attached Tajima machines in the market which are Very popular in the Industry because of its Perfection and The Latest Twin Sequin running trouble free with Perfection making this Most Popular.

The Knowledge and the Know how of operating such machines are always imparted To the customers by our engineers which is very important for the success of our customers and always it is ensured that the investment made on Our TAJIMA Embroidery machines are realized in the shortest period possible ensuring Our customer’s investment and Trust on the brand and the customers Will always remain with us as the Core group and our strength.

Office Location

Head Office: Unitech India
Managing Director: Mr. A.S. Ananda Kumar
Address: Unit-111, 1st Floor Raheja Arcade Koramangala 5th Block Bangalore – 560095
Phone: 91-80-48659668
E-mail: unitechtajima@gmail.com