TAMA Bohemia s.r.o. has been established in 1995 as privately held, 100 % Czech owned company to sell and support embroidery technology and related products in the teritory of Czech republik and Slovak republic of total area 127.000 square km and population 15.000.000. Step by step company has managed to create network capable to meet demands of embroidery technology users, establishing head office in Prague district (Czech republic) as main seles-point and two service centres located in Domazlice (Czech republic) and Puchov (Slovak republic). Puchov in position of branch office is run as independent company Tama Slovakia Ltd. in ordert to eliminate complications resulting from different legislation of both countries.

Founder Mr. Milan Pazout

Nowadays, TAMA is concentrating most effort on TAJIMA embroidery machines sale and support, Pulse software, MARATHON and ANGELKING embroidery threads sale, SEIT Laser technology sale and support, TRIUMPH embroidery needles and local-made consumable products associated with embroidery business like backing papers etc. The target of the company is to be from 100 % concentrated on embroidery industry and to offer all what embroidery industry needs.

Any activity of the company is based on philospohy, that “TOP TECHNOLOGY COULD BE SOLD AND SUPPORTED BY HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL TEAM ONLY”. This is why TAMA is paying high attention to employing top professionals for all positions in the company. In daily job we are seeking for what customers need and we are doing our best to make work of our customers more easy and more efficient. We assist to our customer free of charge to develop more complicated embroidery technologies and doing our best as well to create team spirit inside the company. Everybody is ready to help to anybody any time if necessary. Target of the company is to be best partner for our customers related to embroidery business, to keep position on local market and provide best service and support.

Show Room

Office Location

Head Office: TAMA Bohemia s.r.o.
Na Vyhlidce 437, 252 42 Jesenice- Osnice, CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel: 00420-2-41932959
Fax: 00420-2-41932958
E-mail: tama@tama.cz
Homepage: www.tama-bohemia.cz

Our Team

Branch Office: TAMA Slovakia s.r.o.
Strezenice Cintorinska 177/12, 020 01 Puchov, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Tel: 421-42-4641132 Fax: 421- 42- 4641132
E-mail: tama@nextra.sk
Homepage: www.tama-bohemia.cz

Service centre: TAMA Bohemia s.r.o.
Sportovniareal 135 245 01 Mrakov-Domazlice CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel: 00420-379788301 Fax: 00420-379788301
E-mail: tama@tama.cz
Homepage: www.tama.cz