Sabzevari Trading Company was established by Mr. Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari in 1960. At the beginning, the activity of named company concentrated on sewing machines and also established an institution for after sales services such as training how to use Sewing machines and repairing them. By obtaining exclusive agency from Tajima-Japan, Sabzevari Trading Co extended Trading activities and introduced Multi-Head Embroidery Machines to Iran Market in 1976. These machines were mechanical at first, but during global industrial progress, new technologies was released to Embroidery industry and the first Multi-Head Computerized Embroidery Machine presented to Iran market by Sabzevari Trading Co in 1992.

Also Kachiran Company (Iran Sewing Machine Company) was established by Mr.Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari to provide sewing machines for Iranian families and these days Kachiran Company is the only Iranian company which produces and exports Iranian product to all around the World
According to the expanding of industrial activities in Iran, Sabzevari Trading Co changed to Sabzevari Tech Co LTD.

Head Office

Based on industrial progresses all over the world, Sabzevari Tech evaluates the needed trends in Iran market and revises the internal structure and offers new solutions. Based on this, in 1995 the management of the company was transferred to Mr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Sabzevari and in 2002 established a new Embroidery Service Center beside Sabzevari Tech Co for technical services in Embroidery Market focused on new and modern methods.
According to the strong Sales and after sales services presented by Sabzevari Tech, these days in Iran 90% of embroidery machines are from Tajima.

Now, the Embroidery service center works under management of Mr.Saeed Mirsajadi with assistance of Mr.M.Rasoul Rashidi and experienced Technicians team.
In addition to service center, Sabzevari tech has a special team for focusing on DGML BY PULSE Sales and after sales services under management of Mr.Vahid Mir Bagheri.

Technicians team
Technical Office

At the present, Sabzevari Tech Company continues works under presidency of Mr. Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari in board of directors, Mr.Mohammad Hossein Sabzevari as the General Manager and Mr. Mohammad Bagher Sabzevari as Sales Manager.

Show Room

Sabzevari Tech Company belives that, cooperation of science and industry which leads to scientific progress, guaranties the survival and development of every company. Thus, from beginning of working in Iran in 1960 till now Sabzevari Tech Company renewed the structure and methods according to each step of global development.

Head Office Location

Sabzevari Tech Co. Ltd.
Address: 1148, Jomhouri Islami Ave, Tehran-13166, Iran
Tel: (+9821)66463855-7 Fax: (+9821)66463858