Easy and Powerful Embroidery Personalization

Quick, Easy and Powerful Embroidery Personalization

Autograph is an easy and efficient software solution created by Pulse for embroidery
personalization. Garments can be personalized in minutes using Autograph’s wide selection of fonts,
thread charts, templates and editing tools.

Fonts &Thread Charts


Over 200 fonts are available within Autograph to fit any style. Create text for shirts, jackets, and hats that can be embroidered in minutes. Easily create borders for your text and alter the spacing between letters to get the look you desire. Many popular thread charts are available through Autograph for easy colour changes and selection.



Use the power of templates to quickly create your own personalized design. Templates can include both design and text options. Eliminate the burden of digitizing by selecting your preferred design and entering the desired text. Templates help speed up the design process.


Editing function

Autograph offers powerful editing tools to ensure your design perfectly matches your vision. Align, transform, rotate and resize the design to meet your standards. Personalize your embroidery through to the finest detail.

New features

CSV input

・All essential functions in one tab
・Increased design area
・Toggle between templates
・Supports many file types
・Fit-to-hoop option
・Supports vertical text
・Improved letter spacing tools
・Larger icons for Windows 8 functionality
・Configure more machine settings