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Value adding with embroidery. Embroidery quality and machine durability recognized by the world.
The high quality and durability of industrial embroidery sewing machines are condensed into a compact body. “SAI” with high quality finish and high production capacity will add color to your business.

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Capable of professional quality finish using 8 colors.

With SAI, it is possible to embroider designs with threads of up to 8 colors, just like that. Its layout makes it easy to change threads. With a structure that inherits the high performance of industrial embroidery machines, fine lines and wide areas can also be beautifully embroidered.

Easy operation using a touch panel

Even those new to the art of embroidery will quickly pick up on how to use the touch panel to prepare the machine to embroider.

Exceptionally fast

SAI can complete 800 stitches a minute. It can maintain this high speed during stitching

“TAJIMA Writer PLUS” can easily convert hand drawn artwork into embroidery data

You can easily make original items by combining lettering with an existing design. Connecting SAI to a computer, allows you to send the embroidery data directly to the machine.

MDP-S0801C 8 1 (200×300) S

Embroidery Frame Option

Cap Frame

For caps


For pouches, tote bags

Pocket Frame

For small embroidery to such as pockets

Sock Frame

For socks, wristbands

TFA Frame

For T-shirts, sweatshirts

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