Let’s start Embroidery Personalization !

“Embroidery personalization” is attracting especially in the apparel e-commerce industry nowadays and the demand is increasing.
However, introducing embroidery personalization into e-commerce is a complex undertaking that also requires quite long development time.
“DG.NET” avoids the complex parts by utilizing SaaS technologie in order to provide you an environment where you can easily start “embroidery personalization” business.

The image of embroidery personalization on e-commerce site

Improve the efficiency of embroidery service by using Tajima’s unique cloud technology

Reason why Tajima! Total support from order to production and wrokflow management

Make such a difference! Workflow Comparison Chart

Level Comparison Table

Choose any level from 1 to 4 depends on your requirements such as number of annual job, type of media, number of designer, use of API etc.
Consult with us for recommended level to be started with!!

Available 3 designers!!

Template Editor

Popular simple designer.

Template Editor Plus

Various display methods can be used to preview the product.

Freeform Designer

Number of personalization subjects, position, size, and other details can be adjusted.

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