Stitchport Toolkit

Traditional Manual data generation can be automated with Stitchport Toolkit.
By using templates created by DG16, you can generate embroidery data automatically combining with the existing design.


As well as the designs generated by Stitchport, the existing designs can be also displayed as 3D image on your website.
The generated designs can be presented to the user for visual confirmation on the images such as cloths or bags etc.

Barcode Scanning System

With DG16 connected to embroidery machine, a simple barcode scanning system lets you to find and read the appropriate data from the enormous quantity of data at once.

Application example of DG.NET

Introducing the workflow of Custom Embroidery Service
at NAGOYA Marathon EXPO site

We had embroidery machines and Online embroidery system “DG.NET”to the site of Nagoya Women’s & City Marathon and provided “Custom Embroidery Service” for visitors.
Here, we briefly introduce the workflow of the service.

Step 1

Select a size and a color of T-shirt, a pattern to be embroidered, then type favorite texts, using the touch panel system of Embroidery Service for runners. 
Note: This service is absolutely available for the T-shirt “you bring in”.

Click [Next] button to start ordering.

First, choose a pattern to be embroidered from the 3 patterns.
– Runner’s number OR Runner’s name
– Runner’s name AND Runner’s number
– An initial AND Runner’s number

Next, choose a color of T-shirt.

Then, choose a font to be embroidered from 4 font types.

Next, type your Runner’s number and name using the pop up keyboard shown.

Last, choose a thread color to be used for embroidery from 6 thread types.
Click [Preview] button to confirm the contents you made.

Text, font and its color you chose will be shown for confirmation, if you are OK then click [Order] button.

Step 2

Information you made will be printed out as Application form and Worksheet, take the print-out and your T-shirt with you to the Reception Desk to apply.

Please kindly pay for the Embroidery Service at the “Place Order”.
And please wait for a while until completed to produce.
Please note that we estimate to take about 30 mins. to hand your T-shirt over but may take time in case of too many applications.

Step 3

Step 3 to Step 6 will be done by Tajima staffs.
An embroidery design and assigned thread color data are automatically generated using Online embroidery system “DG.NET” based on the information entered through the touch panel system.
The barcode information printed in the worksheet is perfectly linked to the embroidery design and assigned thread color information, so any mistake never happens in the work.

Step 4

Machine operator scans the barcode printed in the worksheet using a barcode reader installed at the embroidery machine. Necessary embroidery design data and assigned thread color information will be exactly and instantly sent to the embroidery machine through the network from DG.NET server.

Step 5

We set your T-shirt to a embroidery hoop and start to run the machine!
We just press “START” button on the machine after having set the hoop since all necessary information about your embroidery has already been put in the machine

Step 6

Our embroidery machine can sew 800 stitches per minute, so if your text has 10 characters the embroidering may take JUST 2 to 3 minutes!
It may takes about 30 mins for you to receive your complete T-shirt back but may take more minutes if we have a lot of order. We will do the job with the greatest care.

Step 7

Now it is ready and you have your own T-shirt which is really unique one.
Please kindly receive your T-shirt at “Order Pick-up”.

Using Tajima Online Embroidery system “DG.NET”, Embroidery service becomes very simple.
We just introduced a summary of our system here. Please contact your local Tajima distributor for more details. Thank you very much.

Please visit Pulse website to get more information about DG.NET.
(DG.NET is equivalent to PulseID products)