“EDOpath 2.0″—Dedicated TFP orientation design system for TCWM

“EDOpath 2.0” is software specifically for the TCWM that controls the precise placement of fiber bundles based on required mechanical properties. While utilizing conventional embroidery digitizing software technologies, it is now possible to generate stitch data that takes into account the characteristics of the fiber bundles. This enables the creation of more suitable fiber orientation data and optimal stitch data.

Flow of Orientation Design and Preform Production Using EDO path 2.0

The fiber orientation pattern (3D or 2D CAD data) is generated based on the design requirements.
After the optimal design is determined through structural analysis (CAE), the design is imported into “EDOpath 2.0” and converted into specialized stitch data for the TCWM.

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Support system staffed by specialists

At Tajima Group, our team of specialists is dedicated to assisting customers in resolving issues related to the TFP process. We provide support with trial production, fiber orientation design, and the production of preforms (intermediate base material).
Please feel free to contact us through the CONTACT form.

  • Those who want to try the TFP process but do not know where to go for a consultation
  • Those facing issues related to durability, weight reduction, and other issues
  • Those who want to try new techniques to achieve both functionality and good design

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