TCMX Mixed Type

A Mixed type series to increase production efficiency and open the way to versatile embroidery expressions!
Chenille embroidery and standard embroidery have been brought together in one embroidery machine.
A chenille embroidery head is coupled with a standard embroidery head in a pair (available up to 15 pairs).

TCMX ミックスタイプ

TCMX 600 Type

Multi-head embroidery machines, specialized for chenille embroidery, in the pursuit of high speed, quietness and productivity.
Stable stitching is available at the industry’s fastest speed of 750rpm on multiple models up to 23 heads!

TCMX 600タイプ


Single-head model, using the same technologies as the multi-head models.
Space-saving and best suited for small lot production!


Chenille embroidery

High-speed operation at 750 rpm has been brought to reality.

High-speed operation at 750 rpm (in comparison with our previous specification of 600 rpm) has drastically increased productivity.

Automatic change of 6 colors enables versatile multicolor arrangement.

A setting on the operation panel allows the operator to select desired colors.

Automatic lift-up mechanism

The Needle, Nipple and Presser foot are automatically lifted up for easier frame exchange operation.

Automatic needle height adjusting mechanism

Needle height is adjustable in 10 steps according to the loop height or chain size.

Tie-off function to prevent the thread from fraying

Chain stitches are automatically inserted for some stitches after completion of loop stitches for prevention of thread fraying that causes quality issues.

Standard embroidery head

A ball screw drive system has been adopted to reduce the time for color change operation

A ball screw drive system, widely used for precision positioning control of industrial machinery, has been introduced to the color change drive system.
The time required for color change from the first to the ninth needles has been reduced from about 3 to 1.1 seconds, drastically
improving productivity of multicolor embroidery.

Thread breakage detector to prevent production error

A sensor monitors thread movement at all times. If the upper or under thread is broken, this system detects it in an instant and stops stitching to prevent embroidery production from continuing with broken thread. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable on the operation panel, depending on the embroidery conditions.

Middle thread guide with thread take-up spring, keeping the balance of upper and under threads〈PAT〉

The thread take-up spring picks up excess thread and stabilizes the balance of upper and lower threads at high speed operation, improving thread tension. Thread breakage has been reduced by 30 – 50% (compared with our previous specification) due to extra
fine satin stitches (2mm or less), needle tip or thread untwisting etc.

Spiral tube, Take-up lever guard〈PAT〉, paying attention to safety

Spiral tubes between the upper thread course stand and the individual tension base protect upper 1 threads against environmental wind, generated by air conditioner, etc. which causes thread to be entangled with each other. Furthermore, uniquely developed covers are mounted onto the take-up levers to prevent threads from getting entangled during high-speed operation and to improve safe working conditions.

Technology and function

User-friendly operation panel in pursuit of operational convenience

An easy-to view color LCD operation panel and special use keys are designed in a compact interface to enable operation by instinct. The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time 〈PAT〉.

Sleep mode function to save energy

The energy saving function of a personal computer has been introduced to the operation panel. Holding down a single button puts the machine into standby status and pressing it once more cancels this function. Unnecessary power consumption can be kept down without turning off the main power.

Data input/output

Design data input or output is available, using USB memory.

※Commercially available USB memory reader/writer is applicable.

“Condition memory” function, supported by Tajima binary format

Design start position and stitching conditions, registered by an embroidery machine, can be output to USB memory or other media together with the design data. They can be easily recalled and reusable for reproduction. Tajima binary data format (TBF) is supported to create more complicated designs.

LAN support for networking

A LAN port is prepared for easy access to networking functions, using DG/ML by PULSE (option).

Table offset switch〈PAT.P〉

This special switch is mounted under the table of a jumbo embroidery machine to retract the frame temporarily to any position out of the way for jobs such as threading.

TCMX-Mixed Type Series

ModelNeedlesPairsChenille headsMulticolor headsHead intervalEmbroidery space Table size
D×W(offset) Continuous(W)
TCMX-609126/9121212510680×510(230) 6,120 1,830×8,115
TCMX-609126/91212125101,200×510(230) 6,120 2,870×8,115
TCMX-609156/9151515480680×480(230) 7,200 1,830×9,165
TCMX-609156/9151515480800×480(230) 7,200 2,070×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,000×480(230) 7,200 2,470×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,200×480(230) 7,200 2,870×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,500×480(230) 7,200 3,470×9,165
TCMX-612016/12111600680×600(275) 600 1,820×2,615
TCMX-612026/12222600680×600(275) 1,200 1,820×3,215
TCMX-612026/122226001,200×600(275) 1,200 2,860×3,215
  • Stitch length:Ternary:0.1-12.1mm Binary:0.1-12.7mm 
  • Revolution:Standard heads Standard embroidery Max.1,000rpm|Chenille heads Chenille embroidery:Max.750rpm  Coiling embroidery:Max.500rpm
  • Motor:AC Servo motor × 1 Pulse motor × 2
  • Power supply:3-phase 200-240V, 350/380/400/415/440V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power consumption:1.6kw

Factory Option(Standard heads)

Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic oiling contributes to improved production efficiency and labor savings

Sequin Device Ⅳ

Device for embroidering small to large diameter, irregular or eccentric sequins


Improved sequin sewing accuracy and significantly reduced adjustment time

Position Marker

When adjusting the start position, the position of the needle hole hidden by the fabric is illuminated and shown with LED light, so it is possible to always confirm the position

Seed Beads Device

Automated complex sewing of beads.Fast sewing speed and uniformity realize overwhelming productivity

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety

Bobbin Changer Ⅱ

Set a replacement bobbin in advance while the embroidery machine is running.Significantly reducing the machine downtime due to bobbin replacement.

High-Speed Cording Device

Looping and cording are possible by exchanging two types of attachments

Factory Option(Chenille heads)


Device capable of coiling and taping embroidery
Achieving a soft texture comparable to hand chenille embroidery in coiling

Option(Standard heads)

Boring Device Ⅱ

Boring in a fabric is possible with a special cutter. Hole size can be set arbitrarily and shape can be freely created by digitizing

EMB. Lame Attachement

Possible to stably sew filament-like lame thread without twisting

TCMX 600 Series

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ModelNeedlesChenille headsHead intervalEmbroidery space Table size
D×W Continuous(W)
TCMX-60161460×550 550 1,185×1,380
TCMX-6186184501,500 x 450 8,100 3,470×9,355

  • Stitch length:Ternary:0.1-12.1mm Binary:0.1-12.7mm 
  • Revolution:Chenille embroidery Max.750rpm (TCMX-601 Max.800rpm)|Coiling embroidery Max.500rpm 
  • Motor:AC Servo motor × 1 Pulse Motor × 2
  • Power supply:3-phase 200-240V, 350/380/400/415/440V 50/60Hz single-phase 100-120V, 200-240V 50Hz/60Hz (only for TCMX-601) 
  • Power consumption:1.7kw (140w for TCMX-601)

Factory Option


Device capable of coiling and taping embroidery
Achieving a soft texture comparable to hand chenille embroidery in coiling

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety

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