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Tajima TLMX series is an innovative combination machine that can sew heater wires. Equipped with numerous advanced technologies to securely sew abundant materials. Stable sewing at high speed has been achieved. The largest Heater Wire Sewing Machine with 16 heads, can produce 16 pieces at a time. This greatly improves productivity and reduces cost per part. Automation with various options simplifies the processes and increases productivity.

Mass production by use of the multi-heads

The largest Heater Wire Sewing Machine with 16 heads, can produce 16 pieces at a time. This greatly improves productivity and reduces cost per part.

A simple operating process

The process is automated and simplified. Many options are available to increase production and create accurate wire parts. The Heater Wire Sewing Machine makes production a smoother process especially when compared to the conventional way that wire-laying is done.

An easily reproducible process

A computer-controlled head and frame sews heater wire automatically and precisely. The pitch between stitched wires can be accurately controlled for various wire diameters. Other conventional methods of production make it difficult to accurately reproduce corners as designed. Our new technology has now made it possible to produce corners that are consistent in length and resistance.

Digitizing is simple

Our exclusive digitizing software named “DG/ML by PULSE” is designed to support your pattern requirements. “DG/ML by PULSE” makes it easy to edit and simply convert existing data and designs to stitch data files ready to run on the Heater Wire Sewing Machines.

A wide variety of materials can be sewn

Different thickness wires with or without insulation can be sewn using various kinds of attachments based on your needs.

Improved product durability

In some conventional methods of production, the heater wire is attached using an adhesive then sandwiched and pressurized. This process may cause wire breaks. With the Heater Wire Sewing Machine, the conventional wire-laying problems are eliminated. The wire is stitched with a zigzag pattern to allow for expansion and contraction during pressurization and operation. This results in a much more durable and reliable product.

Zig-zag swing

There are 6 different zig-zag swing stitch patterns which enable the Heater Wire Sewing Machine to sew a wide variety of wire sizes and types precisely onto the substrate materials.

Zig-zag swing pattern 4
Zig-zag swing pattern 5
Stitch patterns 4
Stitch patterns 5

Heater Wire Supply Ring

A maximum 720° rotation of the zigzag swing device allows more complicated patterns than previously possible.

Applications of heater wires

The frames

Choose between using the Border Frames with clips for lower volume production or the Automatic Frame Changer (AFC) for higher volume requirements.

Border Frame

Heater Wire Feeding Options

For sample making or small production runs, a Standard Bobbin can be used. This facilitates the easy change-over from different wire sizes because the bobbins can be easily replaced. For applications where large spools of wire are required, such as large patterns or high volume orders, the Heater Wire Feeding Device is recommended.

Heater Wire Feeding Device
Standard Bobbin

Needle Contact Detection Device

A Needle Contact Detection Device can be used with the Heater Wire Feeding Device to detect insulation penetration and reduce product loss rates.

Heater Wire Cutting Device

This device cuts the wire and sewing thread at a selected position in the pattern and increases productivity especially with multi head machines.

A user-friendly Color LCD Operation Panel

The user-friendly LCD Operation Panel comes as standard equipment.
The display shows design data progress and is easy to learn by new as well as experienced operators.

Simple data input and output (USB/LAN)

The data can be input or output using a USB Memory Device.
The design data can also be transmitted to the machine via a LAN port by using the data transmission function of the design making software “DG/ML by PULSE”.

ModelNeedlesLock-stitch chenille headsHead interval (W:Alternate)Embroidery space
  • We reserve the right to change the specification for improvements without previous notice. Running speed may vary, depending on machine models, frame types and/or applicable conditions.
  • Effective embroidery space may vary, depending on type of product to be embroidered and/or applicable conditions.
  • No design nor registered trademark of the products contained in this catalog may be used without the prior permission.


Beam sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety

Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic oiling contributes to improved production efficiency and labor savings

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