“TMCS-VF” Multi-Head Flat Type Entry Model

The TMCS-VF series offers entry multi-head flat type machines with basic functions.
It is suited for factories that embroider on fabrics and parts before sewing, such as large-lot apparel products.

Tajima’s quality recognized by leading brands

It is used by leading brands and fashion houses. They yield a beautiful finish, regardless of whether you are using a satin stitch, a running stitch, or a fill stitch.


User-Friendly Design

With a variety of functions and a wealth of options available, these embroidery machines combine high-quality stitching with ease of use while also enhancing productivity. The esteem of being “Made in Japan” and technologies that Tajima has developed over many years are incorporated together in a single machine.

Direct Command Switches

Located on the head, these operation switches provide control of the thread trim and other functions at each tension base for increased production efficiency.

Bobbin Changer (Optional)

Up to three bobbins can be pre-staged for replacement. This reduces the work in changing bobbins making extended embroidery operations more efficient.


Tajima’s Customer Support Services

Sales in 130 Countries Around the World

We have delivered machines to more than 130 countries and have a worldwide service network. Replacing embroidery machines or starting a new embroidery business? We apply Tajima’s proprietary AI technology and software in helping resolve our customers’ business issues. Please feel free to contact us through the CONTACT form.



TMCS-VF Product Specifications


Multicolor heads




Head interval


Max Revolution


Power consumption

Model Needles Multicolor head Head interval Embroidery field (D×W)
TMCS-V0912FS 9 12 360S 550×360 mm
21.6×14.1 inch
TMCS-V0912FS 9 12 360S 680×360 mm
26.7×14.1 inch
TMCS-V0915FS 9 15 400S 680×400 mm
26.7×15.7 inch
TMCS-V0920FS 9 20 330S 550×330 mm
21.6×12.9 inch
TMCS-V0920FS 9 20 330S 680×330 mm
26.7×12.9 inch

*Power consumption
 3-phase  200 – 240 / 380 / 415V 50/60Hz
 Single-phase 200 – 240V 50/60Hz
*Contact us for other specifications and more details.
*The actual embroidery field and embroidery speed may vary depending on the items being produced, the machine model, and the embroidering conditions.


Factory options support a wider variety of embroidery expression and increase production efficiency

Sequin Device

Bobbin Changer

Position Marker


Embroidery frame that can be applied to various items

Border frame

OFAM(One-touch frame)

Aluminum square frame

Spider net frame

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