Embroidery services offer a new customer experience

These days, rather than simply purchasing products, today’s consumer tends to value unique, individualized items, so personalization businesses have become a new trend. This is accompanied by a simultaneous increase in demand for personalized embroidery, which can yield items that are one of a kind.
The issue of ethical consumption has also become an important factor in purchasing decisions, while the nature of production and consumption is entering a new phase. Tajima is addressing issues such as reducing waste and inventory and aims to resolve these problems by utilizing embroidery technology.

Personalized embroidery for products to suit each customer

Easily provide embroidery onsite at the store

For embroidery services, we recommend the compact “SAI” embroidery machine. Packing a wealth of Tajima’s industrial embroidery machine technologies in a single machine, the compact SAI takes up little space in the shop. If operated in a spot that is visible from outside the store, the interest aroused by the machine’s action and sound can result in attracting new customers.

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“PulseID” cloud service
—a powerful partner for multichannel brands

"PulseID" advances the embroidery supply chain's digital transformation

Embroiderers can easily receive and fill custom embroidery orders by linking with e-commerce platforms. This approach utilizes the cloud, which holds down costs for development and other initial expenses, and allows businesses to introduce these services without any specialized programming knowledge.

Consumers can enjoy customizing embroidery on e-commerce sites

Embroidery data on e-commerce sites is automatically generated and displayed as 3D previews. One advantage of incorporating PulseIDT is the way customers can enjoy choosing the embroidery styles with the designs reflected immediately on the screen.

Immediately fill e-commerce orders by contracting embroidery work to distribution sites

Using PulseID. you can easily have embroidery added to your e-commerce orders just before they are shipped from the warehouse. This turns delivery centers into processing stations that create added value.

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Our wide variety of embroidery frames let you add value to any item with embroidery

Tajima offers embroidery frames suitable for a variety of purposes, allowing embroidery even of items that may seem difficult to embroider.
Now you can embroider hats, socks, shirts, and even leather products such as bags and wallets.
Products that feature personalized embroidery incorporating the customer’s unique style will be used and cherished for years to come.
Embroidery gives us an opportunity to consider what impact personalization can have on consumption.

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