“DG-S” Dedicated Digitizing Software Creates Perforation and Sewing Data

Designed exclusively for Tajima’s PAX, HAR, and PAR series machines, the “DG-S” digitizing software lets you create perforation and simple sewing data. Although easy to run, DG-S maximizes design reproducibility without sacrificing any of the designer’s creativity.
*Creation of embroidery data requires separate embroidery data software.

Features of DG-S

Easy-to-understand design creation screen

The settings screen for the machine model is called up when new data is created. You can easily change settings for each type of data in this screen, such as the width and height of the sewing area and the diameter of the punch needle used for perforation.
The set sewing range is also indicated in the data creation screen, which allows you to create data with a clear idea of the size and position.

Quick and easy AI and CAD data

Illustrator and CAD data can be converted into perforation and/or sewing data, allowing designers to create patterns without sacrificing any of their creativity and imagination. Furthermore, creating patterns from data significantly reduces the cost and time required for conventional mold manufacturing. It can also be adapted to small-lot production, where greater variety is required.


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