“PAX”—Perforation, multicolor sewing, and embroidery, all in one machine.

“PAX” handles perforation, multicolor sewing, and embroidery, all on one machine.
By combining three different processing methods, complex designs can be reproduced. It can be used for seats and interiors of automobiles, cabin cruisers, and private jets as well as for interior design, fashion accessories, and leathercraft. Also available for small-lot production, prototyping, and development.

No Worry About Design Displacement.

The technology of industrial embroidery machines enables stitching with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Stitching and hole processing are also adjusted in 0.1mm increments, so quilt lines and hole processing do not interfere with each other. In addition, because the frame is not attached or removed for each process, there is no misalignment in each process.


Mass production of multi-colored, vibrant designs with multiple heads.

The “9 colors x 4 heads” system enables the simultaneous production of up to 4 products in a variety of styles. The sewing range is 1,000 mm (40 inches) (D) x 1,200 mm (48 inches) (W), making it possible to handle large products such as car seats and furniture, as well as a wide range of designs.


Prevent leather deformation between processes

With conventional processing methods, leather becomes deformed in transport and storage before it is sent on to subsequent processes. While misalignment due to deformation may occur during changeover, PAX allows perforation, sewing, and embroidery to be conducted at the same time, preventing unevenness in the leather and reducing the occurrence of defects.

“DCP” for a Beautiful 3D Finish

Tajima's proprietary technology creates a greater 3D effect

Tajima’s proprietary technology creates a greater 3D effect
In quilting where leather and urethane are sewn together, the materials can be sewn with the elastic urethane firmly pressed by setting the presser foot rise to a smaller value. This results in a 3D finish, with no loose threads.

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Maximize Design Reproducibility
with Exclusive Software and Perforator Needles

Committing the designer's imagination—just as it is—to data

“DG-S” design creation software can convert Illustrator and CAD data into perforation and sewing data, allowing designers to create patterns without limiting their imagination. Furthermore, creating patterns from data significantly reduces the cost and time that would be required for conventional mold manufacturing. It can also be adapted to small-lot production, where greater variety is required.
*DG-S design creation software is optional.
*Creation of embroidery data requires separate embroidery data software.

Create various designs with perforator needles of different sizes

Using a special angle gauge, you can accurately mount the perforator needles at the correct angle. You can also attach multiple needles at different angles to expand the variety of designs, for example, with motifs expressing rotation.


Tajima’s Customer Support Services

Sales in 130 Countries Around the World

We have delivered machines to more than 130 countries and have a worldwide service network. Replacing embroidery machines or starting a new embroidery business? We apply Tajima’s proprietary AI technology and software in helping resolve our customers’ business issues. Please feel free to contact us through the CONTACT form.


PAX Product Specifications

Model P-head
Sewing, Embroidery
Heads Needles Work field (D×W)
PAX-V0901F 1 9 550×500S(240) mm
21.6×19.6(9.4) inch
1 9 750×800S(240) mm
29.5×31.5(9.4) inch
1 9 1,000×1,200S(240) mm
39.3×47.2(9.4) inch
PAX-V0902FB 2 9 1,000×800S(240) mm
39.3×31.5(9.4) inch
2 9 1,200×800S(240) mm
47.2×31.5(9.4) inch
PAX-V0904F 4 9 1,000×600S(240) mm
39.3×23.6(9.4) inch
4 9 1,200×600S(240) mm
47.2×23.6(9.4) inch

*The actual embroidery field and embroidery speed may vary depending on the items being produced, the machine model, and the embroidering conditions.


Manufacturer Options Help Increase Production Efficiency and Safety

Gauge Frame

This eliminates any need to change the material during perforation, sewing, or embroidery, allaying concerns about misalignment.

Auto Bobbin Checker (ABC)

This feature detects if the remaining amount of bobbin thread is appropriate, preventing defects due to unexpected bobbin thread runout.

Bobbin Changer

Up to three bobbins can be pre-staged for replacement. This reduces the work in changing bobbins making extended embroidery operations more efficient.

Barcode Reader

This function confirms that the design data coincides with the special gauge holding the fabric to prevent human error.

Beam Sensor

To help ensure safety, this sensor pauses the machine’s operation when an operator approaches a head while the machine is running.

Signal Tower

This allows machine operation to be detected even from a remote location.

Exclusive Presser Foot for Sewing Heads

The presser foot can be selected from 3 types according to the material type and the sewing method.

Thread Loosening Device

A device that reduces errors at the start of embroidery by loosening the tension on the upper thread during thread cut and stabilizing the cut surface.

Perforator Needle (Perforation Blade)

There are 4 types of perforator needles available (dia. 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm).

Auto PP Tape Feeder

This mechanism automatically feeds the plastic tape that receives the perforator. Single and double types are available.

Vacuum Device

This vacuum device can be connected to collect dust if the building does not have an air control system.

Synchronized Vacuum System

Air suction route is automatically optimized in accordance with the needle bar movement.


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Software Expands Design Range

The DG-S sewing design data creation software and DG16 embroidery data creation software, both exclusively for the PAX series, are optional. For more information, please contact us through the CONTACT form.



Combine with HAR and PAR
for mass production with the same high quality

For mass production, using PAX in combination with the specialized PAR perforation machine and HAR sewing and embroidery machine allows perforation, sewing, and embroidery to be carried out in parallel, thereby reducing downtime.
For more information, please contact us through the CONTACT form.



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