List of Options

Available options vary depending on the model. Contact us for other specifications and more details.

Design Options Sequin Device Seed Beads Device Cording Device
Boring Device Lame Embroidery Attachment
Efficiency Options Bobbin Changer AFC Automatic Lubrication Device
Jog Remote Control Bobbin Winder LED Lighting
Position Marker Laser Crosshair Marker Laser Line Marker
Safety Options Signal Tower Beam Sensor

Design Options

Sequin Devices
Create a dazzling sparkle with sequins



Compatible with sequins from 3 mm to 9 mm in diameter. It features improved sewing accuracy, and materials can be switched easily, which contributes to increased production efficiency.

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Sequin Device IV

Compatible with sequins from 2 mm to 22 mm in diameter. You can freely arrange sequins in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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Sequin Device III Twin Type

Compatible with sequins from 2 mm to 9 mm in diameter. You can sew up to four different types of sequins with one machine. Use this device to get both diversity in design and more efficient production.

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Seed Beads Device
Glass beads add depth and gorgeous sparkle


Seed Beads Device

You can sew up to four different bead colors with one machine. Embroidery and sewing of the beads can be carried out in one process, thereby increasing productivity.

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Cording Device
Cording produces expression that leverages the feel of the materials


Multi Cording Device 2

Each head can handle up to six cords. Create a variety of expressions with cording and loop embroidery. (DCP required)

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Multi Cording Device 2 Cutting Device

You can also add a cutting device that automatically cuts the cord when colors are changed (available for the TMCR-VF and TMAR-KC).


You can embroider loops and cords of the same color by switching two different attachments.


Boring Device
See-through adds a new form of expression


Boring Device 2

This special cutter makes it easy to bore holes in fabrics. The hole size can be set as desired, and the hole can be shaped freely through digitizing.


Lame Embroidery
Express originality with sparkling lame


Lame Embroidery Attachment

This lets you sew filament-like lame thread—without twisting. Express your originality with sparkling lame.



Efficiency Options

Bobbin Changer
Change all lower thread bobbins at one time with a single button.

Smart Bobbin Changer (SBC)

Accommodates one bobbin. The replacement bobbins for each head can be set in advance while the embroidery machine is running, significantly reducing machine downtime from replacing bobbins.

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Bobbin Changer II (UBC II)

Accommodates up to three bobbins for even greater efficiency in long embroidery work. The replacement bobbin thread is positioned in front of the table, reducing the burden on the operator when replacing the bobbins.

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Additional Devices
Clever ideas contribute to greater productivity and reduced losses

Auto Frame Changer (AFC)

This automates fabric feeding when embroidering in the vertical direction with a border frame. This allows even thin fabrics to be fixed securely.

Automatic Lubrication Device

Oil is replenished automatically, improving production efficiency and labor savings.

Jog Remote Control

This controller centralizes the functions used in moving embroidery frames. It functions independently of the operation panel and can be carried to the frame near the needle position, which can help reduce product loss due to misalignment of the starting position.

Bobbin Winder

This device automatically winds thread onto the bobbins.


LED Lighting and Marker
Brightly illuminates the needle location to improve work efficiency

LED Lighting

By brightly illuminating the needle location, work efficiency is improved. This is recommended when changing the needle and threading, as it makes the needle and surroundings easier to see.

Position Marker

The LED light provides reassurance when adjusting the starting position. Illuminating the position always allows you to confirm the position of the needle hole hidden by the fabric.

Laser Crosshair Marker

This accurately indicates where sewing will start, regardless of the thickness of the fabric. It also allows confirmation of the embroidery area during tracing.

Laser Line Marker

This makes it easy to confirm the joints of the patterns using a border frame in continuous horizontal embroidery. The marker unit can be attached simply and easily with a magnet, allowing you to change where the device is attached in accordance with the situation.


Safety Options

Signal Tower/Beam Sensor
Detects errors and creates a safer working environment

Signal Tower

This safety-enhancing device can show operating status even from a distance.

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing and embroidery when you approach an embroidery head.