Product details

High quality model that evolves with TAJIMA technology

Incorporation of the Digitally Controlled Presser Foot for secure fabric stability.

The DCP can reduce fabric fluttering that occurs during embroidery.
It is especially effective when working thick fabric, very thin fabric, and folds of material.

What is“ fluttering”?
“Fluttering” occurs when the material is lifted up during embroidery which causes skipped stitches, miss-trimming, and reduced quality stitching.

Direct command switches

Various operation switches and multi-color LEDs are located on the each tension base. Since all of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated in front of each head, the working efficiency of operators has been improved. Commonly used functions may be assigned to the custom switches.


Slim Cylinder Bed, Reinforced Wide Cap Frame

The diameter of the cylinder bed has been reduced, expanding the range of support for cylindrical finished products such as sleeves and pockets.
The support structure of the cap frame has been strengthened, and the maximum rpm has been significantly increased to 1,000 rpm.


Snap-fit type middle thread guide
①Easy threading ②Easy adjustment ③Easy exchange

Touch Screen Operation Panel

Model Needles Multicolor heads
Head interval
Embroidery space

Wide Cap Frame Semi-Wide Cap Frame Tubular Frame
V1212C 12 12 360 450×360 75×360 83×180439×279 5660 14801705
V1512C 15

Border frame spec.

Moderl Needles Multicolor heads
Head interval
Embroidery space

Border Frame Wide Cap Frame Semi-Wide Cap Frame Tubular Frame
V1212C 12 12 360 450×360 450×360 75×360 83×180439×279 5820 17801705
V1512C 15
  • Revolution:Max.1,100rpm
  • Power consumption:700W
  • Power supply:3-phase 200-240V, 350/380/400/415/440V

Factory option

Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic refueling contributes to improved production efficiency and labor savings

Position Marker

When adjusting the start position, the position of the needle hole hidden by the fabric is illuminated and shown with LED light, so it is possible to always confirm the position

Under Thread Winder

Device that can automatically wind bobbin thread on bobbin

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety

LED Light

Brightly illuminates the needles and improves workability

Option Frame

Cap Frame 2

For caps

Tubular Frame

For T-shirts, sweatshirts or uniforms

Border Frame

Support normal embroideries such as emblems and put-on sewing

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