Cap Frame 2

Cap frame that allows embroidery up to 360mm around the cap.
The embroidery stability has been improved by the cap frame support structure with enhanced rigidity, and the maximum rpm is 1,000 rpm (900 rpm at 4 mm).

Slim Cylinder Bed

The newly designed slim cylinder bed is about 12% smaller in diameter than the conventional cylinder bed, which expands support for finished products such as sleeves and pockets.

6.5 inch Color LCD panel

Easy-to-view 6.5 inch color LCD panel and special use keys are located in a compact design to enable operation by instinct. The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time .

User-Friendly, Quieter Operation

Latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators.


The standard memory is 2,000,000 stitches and able to store a Max. of 200 designs.

Condition memory

Stitch conditions can be memorized together with embroidery data. The saved stitch conditions are applicable to job repeat. or other machines.

Scale Up / Down, Rotate

You can scale your designs down to 50% or up to 200% in increments of 1%, and rotate in 1-degree increments.

Automatic Repeat

A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically and horizontally.

Head interval Embroidery space(D × W)

9 12 15 Tubular Frame

Cap Frame 2



Cap Frame 2

Border Frame Pocket Frame
TFMX-ⅡC 2 360 439×279 75×360 83×180 450×360 65×100
1435 1250 1650 670 330 940 75
TFMX-ⅡC 2 500 439×419 450×500 1850
TFMX-ⅡC 4 360 439×279 450×360 2155 1235
TFMX-ⅡC 4 500 439×419 450×500 2850 1700 950 990 100
TFMX-ⅡC 6 360 439×279 450×360 2875
TFMX-ⅡC 6 500 439×419 450×500 3900 1250
TFMX-ⅡC 8 360 439×279 450×360 3645
TFMX-ⅡC 8 500 439×419 450×500 4900 1705 1000 995
  • Revolution:Max.1,000rpm
  • Power consumption:420W
  • Power supply:3-phase 200-240V, 350/380/400/415/440V 50Hz/60Hz  Single-phase 100-120V,200-240V  50Hz/60Hz

Factory option

Sequin Device Ⅲ Twin Type

Device for embroidering by switching between two types of sequins at high speed

Sequin Device Ⅳ

Device for embroidering small to large diameter, irregular or eccentric sequins

Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic oiling contributes to improved production efficiency and labor savings

LED Light

Brightly illuminates the needles and improves workability

*The image of option is from the single-head model.

High-Speed Cording Device

Looping and cording are possible by exchanging two types of attachments

Position Marker

When adjusting the start position, the position of the needle hole hidden by the fabric is illuminated and shown with LED light, so it is possible to always confirm the position

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety


Emb. Lame Attachment

Possible to stably sew filament-like lame thread without twisting

Under Thread Winder

Device that can automatically wind bobbin thread on bobbin

Option Frame

Cap Frame 2

For caps

*The image of option is from the single-head model.

Border Frame

Support normal embroideries such as emblems and put-on sewing

Pocket Frame

For small embroidery such as pockets

*The image of option is from the single-head model.

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