“TMBR2-SC” Single-Head Cylinder Type High-end Model

TMBR2-SC high-end a single-head cylinder type embroidery machine allows you to add a wide variety of embroidery to finished products, and the DCP provides a precise and beautiful finish, regardless of the material. Available in up to 18 colors, it is suitable for name and emblem embroidery on uniforms, hats, socks, bags, etc., and for embroidery processing in stores.

“DCP” Provides Stable Sewing regardless of Fabric Thickness

The Digitally Controlled Presser foot (DCP) measures the thickness of the fabric in 0.05 seconds per stitch and presses the fabric with optimal pressing force. Therefore, it instantly adapts to both thick and thin fabrics. Quilted fabrics are sewn with the padding pressed down firmly, while 3D embroidery using urethane is sewn three-dimensionally without pressing down excessively.

Point 1: Stable finish for both thin and thick materials

It firmly holds fabrics from sheer to knit materials so that they do not flutter regardless of the item.
Embroidery is always applied with consistent quality to items of varying thickness and stiffness, such as T-shirts, hats, socks, bags, etc.

Point 2: Minimize quality defects

The DCP reduces fabric fluttering, resulting in fewer press marks and thread trimming errors, and thus fewer defective pieces. Manual adjustment for delicate fabrics such as velvet and enameled material reduces the risk of fabric press marks.

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Tajima’s quality recognized by leading brands

It is used by leading brands and fashion houses. They yield a beautiful finish, regardless of whether you are using a satin stitch, a running stitch, or a fill stitch. What’s more, a variety of options for sequins and beads enables additional forms of expression.


Suitable for any finished product, regardless of the item

Large embroidery field

With an embroidery field of 360 mm (14.4inches) (D) x 500 mm (20 inches) (W), it is ideal for large embroidery designs such as large bags and the backs of T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Fast and clean cap embroidery

Large-diameter shaft makes it easy for anyone to install the cap frame. Three-point locking between the drive ring and cap frame provides more stable fixation, less needle breakage and pattern misalignment, and operation at a maximum speed of 1,000 rpm.

Long slim cylinder beds for small goods

The smaller diameter of the cylinder bed and the smaller bobbin cover allows for easy embroidery on tubular finished products such as sleeves and pockets.


User-Friendly Design

In addition to i-TM and DCP, the machine offers a wide variety of operator-friendly functions and options. This reduces operator workload while ensuring high quality embroidery production and smooth machine operation.

12.1-inch touch panel

The large 12.1-inch operation panel—one of the largest in the industry—features convenient icons and allows you to switch the language used for operating the machine.

New auto thread trimming device

Eliminating the picker makes exchanging bobbins easier. It also provides more stable trimming and a 40% improvement over conventional machines in shortening thread tails on the reverse side of the fabric.

Design position adjustment function(corrects framing misalignment)

Even if the fabric pattern is slanted in framing, it can be corrected from the operation panel, with no need for repeated attempts to reframe.


Tajima’s Customer Support Services

Offer Personalized Embroidery Through E-Commerce and Stores

PulseID provides comprehensive support for embroidery personalization, from receiving in-store or online e-commerce orders to production and management. It saves labor and increases efficiency while helping enhance brand loyalty and advertising effectiveness.

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Sales in 130 Countries Around the World

We have delivered machines to more than 130 countries and have a worldwide service network. Replacing embroidery machines or starting a new embroidery business? We apply Tajima’s proprietary AI technology and software in helping resolve our customers’ business issues. Please feel free to contact us through the CONTACT form.



TMBR2-SC Product Specifications


Multicolor heads




Max Revolution


Power consumption


Machine Weight


Needles Embroidery field (D×W) Width Overall Width Depth Height
Border Frame Wide Cap Frame Semi-wide
Cap Frame
Tubular Frame Pocket Frame
360×500 mm
14.1×19.6 inch
75×360 mm
2.9×14.1 inch
83×180 mm
3.2×7.0 inch
335×453 mm
13.1×17.8 inch

45×80 mm
1.7×3.1 inch

80×55 mm
3.1×2.1 inch
1,030 mm
40.5 inch
1,205 mm
47.4 inch
770 mm
30.3 inch
977 mm
38.5 inch

*Power consumption
 Single-phase 100-120V / 200-240V 50Hz/60Hz
*Contact us for other specifications and more details.
*The actual embroidery field and embroidery speed may vary depending on the items being produced, the machine model, and the embroidering conditions.


Factory options support a wider variety of embroidery expression and increase production efficiency

Sequin Device

Seed Beads Device

Multi Cording Device

Position Marker

Laser Crosshair Marker

Beam Sensor

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Embroidery frame that can be applied to various items

Tubular Frame

Border Frame

Cap Frame

Pocket Frame

Sock Frame


Air Type Clamp Frame

Air Type Pocket Frame

X-extension unit

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