A comprehensive line of embroidery machines
giving shape to designers’ images and concepts

Precisely reproducing designers’ and artists’ creativity requires advanced sewing techniques. Tajima’s lineup of embroidery machines enables you to reproduce images and concepts down to the finest detail. From intricate details to materials, you can expand the possibilities of design and art without limits on the quality and creativity you expect.

Supported by Tajima’s sewing technologies developed over Many years

  1. "i-TM" and "DCP" AI embroidery technologies

    This feature enables you to sew different fabrics, even those with variant thicknesses and degrees of elasticity, all without needing to adjust the upper thread. Produce beautiful embroidery, regardless of the embroidery machine operator’s skill level.

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  2. A variety of embroidery techniques using specialized machines

    You can employ specialized embroidery techniques, including cord embroidery using tape or ribbon, chenille, and chain stitch embroidery. Combining different materials and embroidery techniques creates limitless design possibilities.

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  3. "DG16" Embroidery software to digitize your inspiration.

    The embroidery design software “DG16” is equipped with a wide variety of fonts, a selection of techniques, special stitch effects, and more. The editing tools can also be used to create one-of-a-kind designs.

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Embroidery technology that boosts design reproducibility in any setting

PAX enables sewing, embroidery, and perforation on various materials such as synthetic leather, vegan leather, and genuine leather, expanding possibilities not only functionally but also in terms of design. There is no need to realign the material, and perforation, sewing, and embroidering settings are programmed once, so there are no concerns about displacement of the designs. With this single machine, you can create new designs and beautiful finishes for vehicle’s interiors, furniture, leather goods, and other items to generate even greater appeal.

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Tajima’s punching software DG-S is dedicated perforation software for use with the PAX, HAR, and PAR series machines. It can convert Illustrator and CAD data into perforation and sewing data, allowing designers to create patterns without sacrificing any of their imagination, all while maximizing design reproducibility.

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Strength and durability of carbon fiber × design using TFP process

Developed from Tajima’s embroidery technology, the Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) process is used for sewing carbon fiber into forms closely resembling the shapes of device components. In fully leveraging the properties of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), we can incorporate images in the designs and mold the material into even complex shapes, while maintaining its strength and durability.

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Support system to help actualize designs

At Tajima Group, our staff of specialists in the design and advanced technology departments support customers in solving their problems. Please feel free to contact us with any troubles you may have.
We welcome the following:

  • Those who want to try out embroidery but do not know who to consult
  • Those wondering if there might be new ways of expressing themselves
  • Those who want to try reproducing designs with embroidery
  • Those who want to try our new techniques to realize both functionality and design


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