Product details

TWMX-C series, the largest embroidery space in the single-head machine lineup, can be used for wide range of accessories, from small items such as T-shirts and caps to large items such as blousons and jackets.

Maximum Embroidery Space

Border Frame : 550×600mm
X-Extenshion Unit : 550×1200mm
This model can be used in a wide range of applications, including large flags, store awnings, dresses, sports jerseys, tablecloths, curtains, and bedding. By adding special frame and table of the X-extension unit (option), even wider embroidery range can be ensured.

Exhibition banner

Embroidery on banners and flags for exhibitions is possible using an area of maximum 550mm x 1200mm(X-Extenshion Unit).


Many applique embroidery is possible using the large embroidery area.


For awning, how about changing the concept of printing to embroidery?

9 needles / 12 needles / 15 needles

Models Needles Embroidery space
Wide cap frame Semi wide cap frame Tubular frame Pocket Frame
TWMX-C 9 12 15 550×600 75×360 83×180 550×595 65×100 100×75
  • Revolution:Max.1200rpm
  • Power consumption: 210w
  • Weight:130kg
  • Power supply: Single-phase 100-120V, 200-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Factory Option

Sequin Device Ⅳ

Device for embroidering small to large diameter, irregular or eccentric sequins

Position Marker

When adjusting the start position, the position of the needle hole hidden by the fabric is illuminated and shown with LED light, so it is possible to always confirm the position

High-Speed Cording Device

Looping and cording are possible by exchanging two types of attachments

Beam Sensor

A safety device that stops sewing when approaching the embroidery head in consideration of operator safety


Boring Device Ⅱ

Boring in a fabric is possible with a special cutter. Hole size can be set arbitrarily and shape can be freely created by digitizing

Under Thread Winder

Device that can automatically wind bobbin thread on bobbin

Embroidery Frame Option

Tubular Frame

For T-shirts, sweatshirts or uniforms

Cap Frame 2

For caps

Border Frame

For T-shirts, sweatshirts or uniforms

Sock Frame

For socks, wristbands

Air Type Clamp Frame 2

For patent leather bags, tote bags
The product can be easily fixed to the hoop. Increase embroidery productivity

Air Type Pocket Frame 2

For pockets, caps or shoes
Adjust the hoop size (pinch width) according to the size of the product

Pocket Frame

For small embroidery to such as pockets


For pouches, tote bags

X-Extenshion Unit

Secure a wider embroidery space by attaching a special frame and table
For large flags, store awnings, dresses, sports sweat suits, tablecloths, curtains or furniture

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